Improper roof maintenance, repairs and care reduce the longevity of your roof. You can hire the best roof contractor, but if you don’t have adequate roof ventilation, you are looking at costly roof repairs down the road. Let’s explore why roof ventilation is so important.

Poor Roof Ventilation

Poor roof ventilation commonly leads to energy loss, ice dams, rot and mold, and it can render your roof ineffective in the case your roof shingles begin buckling. There are different components to your roof. While the roof, as a whole, protects your entire home, each part of the roof works together to benefit and protect one another. Remove just one of those components, and the rest of the roof will quickly deteriorate.

Home Damage

In short, you don’t want inadequate ventilation because you don’t want the risk of moisture seeping in. The purpose of ventilation depends on climate conditions as well; however, ventilation provides benefits for homes in warm and cold climates. In a warmer climate, roof ventilation serves to allow heated air a means to escape so that the rest of the home can remain cooler. This also depends on the home’s attic insulation. In a colder climate, poor ventilation can cause ice dams to form on top of the home, which is bad for both the home and for anyone passing underneath these ice dams. Another concern for ventilation is to avoid excessive moisture, which can lead to wood rot, mold or mildew issues. This said, it’s extremely important to have adequate attic insulation as well.

The type of roof vents you acquire depends on your individual needs. It depends on the intended purpose for your ventilation, your type of roof and the climate conditions throughout the year. Contact us as your roof contractor immediately to ensure your roofing job is done correctly.

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